I decided to run for Broome County Family Court Judge because I would like to continue to serve the residents of Broome County by protecting the most vulnerable members of our community.

The position of Family Court Judge is extremely important. Every decision a judge makes can impact a child and family members, forever. Family Court cases are emotional and deeply personal because they involve children. It is critical to select the right person to serve as our Family Court Judge.

My career began in Family Court. I’ve handled family law cases for 15 years as a private attorney, a court assigned attorney, and as a prosecutor. Protecting children has always been my passion as an attorney.

The welfare of our entire community is impacted by the decisions of a Family Court Judge. If elected, I will work tirelessly to protect children and fight for families just as I did as your District Attorney. Together we can continue to make a positive impact on our community.

Please take a few minutes and learn more about me and my accomplishments below.

I hope to have your support in this campaign. Should you have any questions, please contact me by phone at (607) 240-5665 or by email at Steve@AttorneySteveCornwell.com

Steve Cornwell
Candidate for Broome County Family Court Judge

Cornwell Family

Steve Cornwell was born in Broome County, New York. He worked in the construction industry, operating his own contracting business for 15 years.

As a non-traditional student, Steve graduated from Syracuse University School of Management (‘01) and College of Law (‘04). After law school, Steve operated his own law firm in Binghamton.

Steve is married to Michelle (Correia) Cornwell and they have 7 children and one grandson. They are a law enforcement family with 3 children currently serving as police officers.

Michelle was born and raised in Oneida County, graduated from Rome Free Academy High School, and attended Herkimer County Community College. Michelle is an advocate for women, a champion power-lifter, and a coach for Special Olympians.

DA Cornwell attacked the Opioid Epidemic on two fronts - supply side and demand side.

On the supply side, Cornwell continued to deliver his message to drug dealers, and he made sure they heard him - loud and clear, in the streets and in the courtroom.

With their partners in law enforcement, the newly created Drug Crimes Bureau went after the dealers aggressively, building strong cases that resulted in tough sentences.

Directing prosecution resources toward Major Drug Traffickers produced major results by taking deadly heroin and drug money off the streets.

The drug money, cars, and cash were used to fund drug treatment, police departments, and the DA’s office. The drug money helped pay for some of the harm it caused.

On the demand side, DA Cornwell created “Diversion” programs to help addicts get into treatment to save lives and reduce crime.

Operation Save Addicts From Epidemic
For those not charged with a crime, DA Cornwell launched Operation SAFE a month after taking office. The program pairs drug users seeking treatment with treatment providers. More than 650 participants have entered treatment.

Treatment Alternative to Prosecution TAP
For those charged with a lower-level drug crime, DA Cornwell launched the Treatment Alternative to Prosecution program (“TAP”) to provide people addicted to drugs the opportunity to go directly into treatment and avoid a criminal conviction.

Drug Court, Veteran’s Court, DWI Court
Cornwell tripled the participants in Drug Court, expanded Veteran’s Court and launched DWI Court to make sure defendants stayed off drugs/alcohol and out of the criminal justice system.

DA Cornwell Generates 4 million in Revenue through his Traffic Diversion Program in First 3 Years

The Traffic Diversion Program offers drivers who received a traffic ticket the opportunity to take a safe driving class in exchange for a dismissal of their ticket.

The program generated 1.8 million dollars in 2018 which is split between the DA’s office and the towns/villages. The DA’s office uses the money to pay salaries and fund crime prevention.

DA’s Welfare Fraud Crackdown Saves Taxpayers Millions

The welfare fraud program cracks down on welfare cheats who abuse the system, taking money from those who really need it. Serious violators are disqualified from welfare benefits and must pay back what they stole.

The program saved taxpayers 2 million dollars in 3 years. The restitution helps fund the DA’s Office.

School Superintendents expressed the need to have School Resource Officers (“SROs”) in their schools. DA Cornwell delivered by creating a new program to make SRO’s available to all school districts.

By hiring 20-year “retired” police officers as DA Investigators, the DA was able to provide experienced police officers at an affordable cost.

The SROs teach educational programs to students, use their life experiences to mentor the students, and protect the school in an emergency.

The school participates in the selection process of the SRO to ensure that there is the right “Chemistry” between the officer, and the students.

The DA currently has 10 SROs working in Broome County schools.

Public servants need to spend time with the people they serve, all the people. In order to know your community, you need to know the people, personally, not just during election time, but all the time.

As District Attorney, I made it a priority to spend time building relationships in the community. My staff and I hosted and attended community events to meet with people from all walks of life - urban, rural, and agricultural communities alike.

The result has been an increase in trust, open dialogue, and a community organized toward a common goal. My goal and motto is: Safer Streets and a Brighter Future for Broome County.

I look forward to bringing an optimistic problem-solving conservative message to the NY 22nd Congressional District.

Before Steve Cornwell took office, Broome County had the highest crime rate in New York State out of the 62 other counties.

Under the leadership of DA Cornwell, along with the help of the public, law enforcement, elected officials, and others, Broome County has seen a 20% reduction of crime in just three years.

Broome County now has its lowest crime rate in recorded history (since 1990). In fact, all three years under DA Cornwell’s leadership, were the lowest three crime rates recorded.

In addition, Broome saw significant reductions in overdose deaths associated with heroin. And now we are focusing a Fentanyl spike coming from China, trafficked by Mexico, and distributed in the US.

The Broome County Jail has seen a 12% reduction over the same time period saving taxpayers millions of dollars. Violent criminals and drug dealers are sent to prison quicker and for longer sentences.

DA Cornwell created a Workforce Diversion Program designed to prevent crime and reduce recidivism by providing individuals with the skills they need to become employable.

People who work full-time are less likely to commit crime. However, many people have never worked at a full-time job, and lack the skills necessary to succeed.

The Workforce Diversion program teaches at risk youth and adults valuable life and work skills, so they can become productive taxpaying members of society.

The program is a collaborative effort between various public and private agencies including employers who all share the same goal — get people to work.

This program epitomizes conservatism — give someone a fish, feed them for a day, teach someone to fish, feed them for life.